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Anupam Khers Talent Company

Talent companies no longer require an introduction. In this celebrity-riveted world, spotting and managing talent is an idea whose time has come.

ANUPAM KHER’S TALENT COMPANY is more than just another talent company. It has been set up by the acclaimed actor-teacher Anupam Kher and is an adjunct of his acting school, ACTOR PREPARES. It is continually sought out by film and television companies, both in India and abroad, to provide actors who can make magic on screen. Among the recent international assignments undertaken by it are the casting for the Hollywood production A Mighty Heart and the BBC’s radio plays on The Adventures of Feluda.

ANUPAM KHER’S TALENT COMPANY has on its roster many trained actors on the cusp of entering the world of the moving image. And, given its links with ACTOR PREPARES, the talent company has an assured line of fresh-faced professionals who are waiting to express themselves under the arclights.

Our mission is to help you realise your dreams of stardom. No longer will you have to make the dreary rounds of producers and production companies in an unstructured business. Nor will you have to depend on secretaries – who represent several artistes — whose interests and loyalties may not necessarily coincide with yours. By taking charge of your natural abilities and unique appeal in a professional manner, we will match your talent with the appropriate role.

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